Banding in different colors occurs

  1. Check 1 Are paper actually loaded on the printer and the media type selected on the touch screen the same?

    Select the correct media type in the touch screen menu when loading paper in the printer.

  2. Check 2 Has the paper feed rate been calibrated properly?

    Adjust the feed amount.

  3. Check 3 Print job may have been interrupted while receiving, and therefore not printed at a fast frame rate

    Exit other applications and cancel other print jobs.

  4. Check 4 Is Set priority in the touch screen menu set to Prioritize length accuracy?

    Setting Set priority to Prioritize print quality and adjusting the feed amount can help.

  5. Check 5 Check if the print head is in the right position

    Adjust the print head position.

  6. Check 6 Make sure that the print head nozzle is not blocked

    Print a test pattern to check the nozzles and see if they are clogged.


    • To automatically check for nozzle blockages after printing, set Auto nozzle check in the touch screen menu to a setting other than Disable.

      To show warnings based on nozzle check results, set Nozzle check error display in the touch screen menu to Enable.

      However, printing may be stopped by warnings if this setting is set to Enable.

  7. Check 7 Low Print Quality setting causing lines in the printing

    Follow the steps below to set Print Quality to High, and then print.

    When Fast or Standard is selected, the printing time is shorter and less ink is used than with Highest or High, but the print quality is reduced.

  8. Check 8 Is the media type specified in the printer driver the same as the media type loaded in the printer?

    Load paper of the same type as you have specified in the printer driver.

    Follow the steps below to change the printer driver settings.

    1. To stop printing, press the Stop button.

    2. Change the type of paper in the printer driver and try printing again.

  9. Check 9 Make sure that lines are not printed around 100 mm from the paper edges.

    If the printer is on standby or if you leave paper as it is for approximately over 30 minutes, paper may be curled or wrinkled.

    Set Sleep timer on Energy saving settings to a value shorter than 30 minutes, so that you can prevent paper from being curled or wrinkled.