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Reconfiguration Method of LAN Connection/Reconfiguration Method of Wi-Fi Connection

Changing LAN Connection Method

Follow either procedure below to change LAN connection method (wired or wireless).

Changing Wi-Fi Connection Method

Follow either procedure below to change Wi-Fi connection method (infrastructure or wireless direct).

  • For Windows:

    • Redo setup using the Setup CD-ROM or from the web page.
    • Perform settings on the Network Settings screen on IJ Network Device Setup Utility.


      • Before you perform settings using IJ Network Device Setup Utility, change the printer settings following the procedure below.

        1. Check that printer is turned on.

        2. Select (Network status) icon.

          If you specify the administrator password, enter the password.

        3. Select Wi-Fi.

        4. Select Settings.

        5. Select Wi-Fi setup.

        6. Select Easy wireless connect.

        7. Check message and select OK.

          Follow instructions on your smartphone or tablet.

        8. If message saying setup is completed appears, select OK.

  • For macOS:

    Redo setup from the web page.