Remove Jammed Roll Paper

If roll paper jams, follow the steps below to remove jams.

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  1. Positioning your hands as shown, open the cut sheet feed cover.

  2. Open the roll paper feed cover by unlocking it with the lever in the position shown in the figure.

  3. Cut loaded roll paper with regular scissors or the like.

    Before cutting, loose the roll paper and lift it up.


    • When cutting paper, be careful to avoid injury or damage to the printer.
  4. Open the scanning unit / cover (TC-20M only) and the access cover and move the carriage to the left or right side manually, away from the jam.


    • Do not move the carriage over jammed paper. This may damage the print head.
    • Do not touch the linear scale (A) or carriage rail (B). This may stain your hands and damage the printer.
  5. Remove the jammed paper from the output tray.

  6. If there is paper left on the platen, slacken the paper on the platen and wind it up.

  7. After rolling up all the paper, remove it from the platen.

    After removing the paper from the platen, check for any remaining pieces of paper.

  8. Close the scanning unit / cover (TC-20M only) and the access cover.

  9. Close the roll paper feed cover and cut sheet feed cover.