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Moving the Roll Holder Support

To load roll paper of different widths, move the roll holder support as described below.

  1. Loosen the knurled screws (A) securing the roll holder support by turning them counterclockwise.

    Depending on your printer, there may be one or two knurled screws.

  2. Move the roll holder support according to the width of the roll paper to be set.


    • There are holes for the knurling screws at the positions of each support roll paper size. Move the holder to the required position and make sure that the screws are aligned with the holes.

  3. Turn the knurled screws (A) clockwise to secure the roll holder support to the printer.


    • Tighten knurled screws finger-tight until they stop turning. Do not use a screwdriver or similar tool to tighten the screws too tightly.