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Status Print

You can print a "Status Print" report indicating the current status of the printer.

With "Status Print", information is printed regarding the printer firmware version, various settings, and the status of consumables.

Follow the procedure below to print.

  1. Make sure printer is turned on.

  2. Flick HOME screen and tap Device settings.

  3. Tap Test print.

  4. Tap Status print.


    • If you specify the administrator password, tap Status print (administrator).
  5. Tap Yes.

    The printer starts printing.

The following information is included.

Canon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Status Print Printer model
S/N Printer serial number
Firm Firmware version
Boot Boot ROM version
Date Date and time when the status print was output
Paper Info
Roll Media Type of roll paper
Cut Sheet Type of cut sheet
Job Menu
Job History
Log *1 Details of up to 5 jobs (Job name is printed as "*".)

*1Printed only when Status print (administrator) is selected.

Printer settings
Print settings Setting values of Print head movable width setting and Prioritize paper size
Paper-related settings Setting values of Paper-related settings
Device settings
Auto maintenance settings Setting values of Auto maintenance settings
Hard disk settings Each setting value of Hard disk settings
Device user settings Setting values of Other device settings
Language selection Setting value of Language selection
Firmware update notification Setting values of Update notification setting
Monitoring service settings Setting values of Enable/disable monitoring service
Roll unit use setting *2 Each setting value of Take-up mode

*2 Printed only when you select ON.

Color calibration Setting value of Color calibration
Usage Condition
Hard disk information Hard disk capacity and Job box free space
Hardware error History information of Hardware error
Error History information of Recoverable error
Warning Warning history information
Jam History information of Paper feed/transfer error
Maintenance cartridge usage / Remaining ink level Values of Ink consumed
Duty counter Values of Duty counter
COUNTER Part status
Head information
HEAD LOT NUMBER/ DATE OF INSTALLATION Information of Head information
Head alignment performance log History information of Head alignment performance log
MEDIA Usage status by media
THE NUMBER OF CUTS Total number of cuts
AFTER INSTALLATION Number of days from the use start date