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(A) Top Cover
Open this cover to install the print head, load paper, and remove any jammed paper from inside the printer as needed. (See "Top Cover (Inside).")
(B) Output Guide
Guides printed documents as they are ejected. Open this guide when loading a roll.
(C) Roll holder Slot
Slide the Roll Holder into this slot.
(D) Roll Holder
Load the roll on this holder.
(E) Holder Stopper
Secure the roll on the Roll Holder with this part.
(F) Release Lever
To release paper retainer, lift the lever.
(G) Maintenance Cartridge Cover
Open this cover to replace the maintenance cartridge.
(H) Maintenance Cartridge
Ink used for maintenance purposes such as head cleaning is absorbed. (Replace the cartridge when it is full.)
(I) Stand
A stand that holds the printer. Equipped with casters to facilitate moving it. (See "Stand Parts.")
(J) USB flash drive port
Insert a USB flash drive to this port.
(K) Touch Screen
Use this screen to operate the printer and check the printer status. (See "Operation Panel.")
(L) Ink Tank Cover
Open this cover to replace the ink tank. (See "Ink Tank Cover (Inside).")