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Ink Tank Cover (Inside)

Left Side Right Side
  • *1:The figure shows the printer as loaded with a 23.7 fl oz (700 ml) ink tank.

(A) Ink Color Label
Load an ink tank that matches the color and name on this label.
(B) Ink Lamp (red)

Indicates the state of the ink tank as follows when the ink tank cover is opened.

  • On

    The ink tank is installed correctly.

  • Off

    No ink tank is installed, or the ink level detection function is disabled.

  • Flashing

    Ink tank is empty.


    • When there is little ink left, the ink lamp is lit and appears on the touch screen.

(C) Ink Tank
Cartridges of ink in various colors.
(D) Ink Tank Lock Lever
A lever that locks the ink tank in place and protects it. Lift and lower the lever when replacing an ink tank. To open it, lift the stopper of the lever until it stops, and then push it down toward the front. To close it, push it down until it clicks into place.