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Printing Stops

  1. Check1 Is paper loaded?

    Make sure paper is loaded.

    If necessary, load paper.

  2. Check2 Do documents to be printed have many photographs or illustrations?

    It takes time for the printer and the computer to process large data such as photos or other graphics, so it may seem that the printer is not working.

    Also, if you are printing data that requires a lot of ink on successive sheets of plain paper, the printer may pause temporarily. In either case, wait until the process is complete.


    • If you are printing a document with a large printing area or printing several copies, printing may pause to allow the ink to dry.

  3. Check3 Has printer been printing continuously for a long period?

    If the printer has been printing continuously for a long time, the print head or other parts around it may overheat. The printer may stop printing at a line break for a period of time and then resume printing.

    In this case, wait a while without doing anything. If the printing does not resume, turn the printer off. After waiting for a while, turn on the printer, and check whether printing is possible.


    • Print head and surrounding area can become extremely hot. Never touch print head or nearby components.

  4. Check4 Is the multi-purpose tray guide opened while printing on paper?

    Close the multi-purpose tray guide.