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Print Results Are Unsatisfactory

If the print results are unsatisfactory due to white streaks, misaligned lines, or uneven colors, check the paper and print quality settings first.

  1. Check1 Do page size and media type settings match size and type of loaded paper?

    If these settings do not match, it is not possible to obtain the proper result.

    If you are printing a photograph or an illustration, an incorrect paper type setting may reduce the quality of the printout color.

    Also, if you print with an incorrect paper type setting, the printed surface may be scratched.

    In borderless printing, uneven coloring may occur depending on the combination of the paper type setting and the loaded paper.

    The method for checking the paper and print quality settings differs depending on what you are using your printer for.


    Check the settings using the operation panel.

    Printing from your computer

    Check the settings using the printer driver.

  2. Check2 Make sure appropriate print quality is selected (see table above).

    Select a print quality suited to the paper and to what you are printing. If you notice blurs or uneven colors, increase the print quality setting and retry the printing.

  3. Check3 If problem is not resolved, check other causes.

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