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Paper Is Blank/Printing Is Blurry/Colors Are Wrong/White Streaks Appear

Printing Is Blurry

Colors Are Wrong

White Streaks Appear

  1. Check1 Check paper and print quality settings.

  2. Check2 Check the remaining ink level.

    When an ink tank runs out of ink, refill the ink tank.

    If the remaining ink level is below the lower limit line (A), refill the ink tank with the corresponding color of ink.

  3. Check3 Are the print head nozzles clogged?

    Print the nozzle check pattern to determine whether the ink ejects properly from the print head nozzles.

    For details on printing the nozzle check pattern, print head cleaning, and print head deep cleaning, see If Printing Is Faint or Uneven.

    • If nozzle check pattern is not printed correctly:

      After performing the print head cleaning, print the nozzle check pattern and examine the pattern.

    • If problem is not resolved after performing print head cleaning twice:

      Perform print head deep cleaning.

    • If problem is not resolved after performing print head deep cleaning:

      Perform ink flush.

      Ink flush consumes a great amount of ink.

      Frequent ink flush can rapidly consume ink, so perform it only when necessary.


      • If ink flush is performed when the remaining ink level is insufficient, it may cause a failure.

        Be sure to check the remaining ink level before performing ink flush.

  4. Check4 When using paper with one printable surface, make sure paper is loaded with printable side facing up.

    Printing on the wrong side of such paper may cause unclear prints or prints with reduced quality.

    Load paper with the printable side facing up.

    Refer to the instruction manual supplied with the paper for detailed information on the printable side.

  • When copying, see also the sections below:

  1. Check5 Is platen glass dirty?

    Clean the platen glass.

  2. Check6 Make sure original is properly loaded on platen glass.

  3. Check7 Is original loaded with side to be copied facing down on platen glass?

  4. Check8 Did you copy a printout done by this printer?

    If you use a printout done by this printer as the original, print quality may be reduced depending on the condition of the original.

    Reprint from the computer if you can reprint from it.