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Enhancing Photos with Creative Filters (for Photo Print)

Make your photos attractive by enhancing them with effects such as black and white tone and antique tone using special filters.

In photo printing, you can enhance photos in the Print Settings screen.

  1. In Print Settings screen, select the photo you want to enhance, and then tap Edit Image.


    • When there are multiple photos, tap (Back/Next) or flick the thumbnails left or right to bring the photo you want to enhance above (Copies).
    figure: Print Settings screen
  2. Tap Creative Filters.

    figure: Edit Image screen
  3. Enhance image with filter while previewing the result.

    figure: Creative Filters screen

    A: Preview Area

    Displays the preview of the image being enhanced.

    B: Creative Filters

    Select a filter from the list to brighten the image or enhance it with sepia tone, black and white tone, or other effect.

  4. Tap OK at upper right of screen.

    The view switches to the Edit Image screen.

  5. Tap (Back).

    The view switches to the Print Settings screen.