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Printing Photos

Print your favorite photos easily.

  1. Check that printer is on.

  2. Tap Easy-PhotoPrint Editor icon on your smartphone.

  3. In New screen, tap Photos.

  4. Select the photo(s) you want to print.


    • The following restrictions apply.

      • Up to 20 photos can be imported.
      • When using an Android device, there may be cases where 30 megapixels or larger photos cannot be imported.
  5. Specify printer to use.

  6. Set number of copies to print for each photo.


    • You can also set the number of copies to print for all the photos at once. For details, see E: Change Settings in "Print Settings Screen."
  7. Specify advanced print settings such as print quality.


  8. Load paper in printer.

  9. Tap Print at upper right of screen.


    • If you print a large number of high resolution images at one time, it may take time to start printing, or printing may pause halfway through.
    • If you print in a bordered layout, the margins on the left and right or the top and bottom may become wider than the other.