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Features of Direct Print & Share

  • You can print PDF documents and drawings, JPEG and TIFF images, and HP-GL/2 drawings without opening the corresponding applications.

  • You can confirm the print layout in previews, and configure print settings without opening the driver properties.

  • You can print files without displaying the Direct Print & Share screen by creating a Shortcut Print icon, and dropping a file onto the icon.

  • You can print multiple files at once, enabling you to efficiently print large volumes of drawings and images.

  • You can access cloud storage and upload, download, and print files all in Direct Print & Share.

  • Files uploaded to cloud storage can be shared with other users. Users you share files with will receive notification emails when files are uploaded (Google Drive only).

  • You can save frequently used print settings. You can also call saved settings and print.

  • Printing history is saved for a specified period of time. You can also print from the saved printing history.

  • By using plugins, you can add drawings created with Autodesk's AutoCAD to the file list used in Direct Print & Share. Drawings you create can easily be printed or shared with other users through cloud storage using Direct Print & Share.


  • File formats that can be previewed are as follows: JPEG, TIFF, PDF (excluding password-protected PDFs), HP-GL/2, and PosterArtist document files (files with the extension "cpfx" or "cpfx2"). Printable file formats are as follows: JPEG, TIFF, PDF (excluding password-protected PDFs), and HP-GL/2. Files with formats other than those listed cannot be previewed or printed, but they can be uploaded to cloud storage.

  • HP-GL/2 files can only be previewed in Layout preview.