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Registering Printer Information to Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center

Follow the steps below to issue the registration code from the printer operation panel, and register your printer.
The same steps should be followed to register subsequent printers.

  1. Check that the printer is connected to the Internet

    To use this function, you must connect this printer to the Internet.

  2. On the printer screen, select or Various settings -> Printer settings -> Web service setup -> Issue registration code in that order, and issue the registration code

    The Registration code will be displayed.
    An admin password input screen or an agreement screen may be displayed. Follow the instructions on the screen and perform registration.

  3. Enter the registration code

    Open the app you want to use, and enter the registration code that was issued.

  4. Register your printer

    Follow the instructions on the screen and register your printer.


  • The registration code is valid for one hour after being issued. Complete the registration process within 1 hour.