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You can select the receive mode suitable for your fax use conditions: whether you use a dedicated line for fax, etc.

TEL priority mode

Select when sharing the phone line between faxes and voice calls.

<Receiving operation>

When a call arrives, the telephone will ring. Pick up the handset.
If the call is a voice call, talk on the telephone.

figure: Receiving operation (when a voice call arrives)

If the call is a fax, hang up the handset after the printer starts receiving the fax.

figure: Receiving operation (when a fax call arrives)
  • The printer can receive a fax automatically without the handset being picked up when a call arrives (Manual/auto switch), and can also receive a fax automatically when the answering machine answers a call that is a fax (User-friendly reception). Register in the advanced settings of the fax receive mode.
  • The telephone may not ring when a call arrives even if it is connected to the printer, depending on the type or settings of the telephone.

Fax only mode

Select when using the phone line for faxes only.

<Receiving operation>

When a fax arrives, the printer will receive the fax automatically.

figure: Receiving operation (receiving fax automatically)
  • When a telephone is connected, you can specify the number of times the external telephone rings for incoming calls (Incoming ring). Register in the advanced settings of the fax receive mode.