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IJ Scan Utility Features

Use IJ Scan Utility to scan and save documents, photos, or other items at one time by simply clicking the corresponding icon.

figure: IJ Scan Utility

Multiple Scanning Modes

Auto allows for one click scanning with default settings for various items. Document will sharpen text in a document or magazine for better readability, and Photo is best suited for scanning photos.


Save Scanned Images Automatically

Scanned images are automatically saved to a preset folder. The folder can be changed as needed.


  • The default save folders are as follows.

    • Windows 10/Windows 8.1:

      Documents folder

    • Windows 7:

      My Documents folder

  • To change folder, see Settings Dialog Box.

Application Integration

Scanned images can be sent to other applications. For example, display scanned images in your favorite graphics application, attach them to e-mails, or extract text from images.

figure: Settings dialog box