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General Notes (Scanner Driver)

ScanGear (scanner driver) is subject to the following restrictions. Keep these points in mind when using it.

Scanner Driver Restrictions

  • When using the NTFS file system, the TWAIN data source may not be invoked. This is because the TWAIN module cannot be written to the winnt folder for security reasons. Contact the computer's administrator for help.
  • Some computers (including laptops) connected to the machine may not resume correctly from standby mode. In that case, restart the computer.
  • Do not connect two or more scanners or multifunction printers with scanner function to the same computer simultaneously. If multiple scanning devices are connected, you cannot scan from the operation panel or scanner buttons of the machine and also may experience errors while accessing the devices.
  • Calibration may take time if the machine is connected via USB 1.1.
  • Scanning may fail if the computer has resumed from sleep or standby mode. In that case, follow these steps and scan again.

    If your model has no power button, perform Step 2 only.

    1. Turn off the machine.
    2. Exit ScanGear, then disconnect the USB cable from the computer and reconnect it.
    3. Turn on the machine.

    If scanning still fails, restart the computer.

  • ScanGear cannot be opened in multiple applications at the same time. Within an application, ScanGear cannot be opened for the second time when it is already open.
  • Be sure to close the ScanGear window before closing the application.
  • When using a network compatible model by connecting to a network, the machine cannot be accessed from multiple computers at the same time.
  • When using a network compatible model by connecting to a network, scanning takes longer than usual.
  • Make sure that you have adequate disk space available when scanning large images at high resolutions. For example, at least 300 MB of free space is required to scan an A4 document at 600 dpi in full-color.
  • ScanGear and WIA driver cannot be used at the same time.
  • Do not enter the computer into sleep or hibernate state during scanning.

Applications with Restrictions on Use

  • Some applications may not display the TWAIN user interface. In that case, refer to the application's manual and change the settings accordingly.
  • Some applications do not support continuous scanning of multiple documents. In some cases, only the first scanned image is accepted, or multiple images are scanned as one image. For such applications, do not scan multiple documents from the ADF (Auto Document Feeder).
  • To import scanned images into Microsoft Office 2000, first save them using IJ Scan Utility, then import the saved files from the Insert menu.
  • When scanning Platen size images into Microsoft Office 2003 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), click Custom Insert in the Insert Picture from Scanner or Camera screen. Otherwise, images may not be scanned correctly.
  • When scanning images into Microsoft Office 2007/Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), use Microsoft Clip Organizer.
  • Images may not be scanned correctly in some applications. In that case, increase the operating system's virtual memory and retry.
  • When image size is too large (such as when scanning large images at high resolution), your computer may not respond or the progress bar may remain at 0 % depending on the application. In that case, cancel the action (for example by clicking Cancel on the progress bar), then increase the operating system's virtual memory or reduce the image size/resolution and retry. Alternatively, scan the image via IJ Scan Utility first, then save and import it into the application.