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Color Settings Tab

On the Color Settings tab, you can specify the following settings.


  • Available functions and settings vary depending on your scanner or printer.
figure: Color Settings tab

Color Adjustment

Select one of the following.

Select this to vividly reproduce the tone of a document on the screen. It is recommended that you normally select this setting.
Color Matching

Select this to automatically match the scanner, monitor, and color printer colors, thus reducing time and trouble to manually match the monitor and printer colors.

Source (Scanner)
Select scanner profile.
Select target profile.
Select this checkbox to display preview image with optimum correction for monitor.
Returns to the default Color Matching settings.


  • The Color Adjustment Buttons on the Advanced Mode tab are not available when you select Color Matching.
  • This function is available when Color Mode is Color or Color (48bit).
Select this to disable color correction provided by ScanGear (scanner driver).


  • Depending on your scanner or printer, this setting may not be available when scanning from the ADF (Auto Document Feeder).
  • You can select one when Color Mode is Color, Color (48bit), or Grayscale.
  • Color Matching is available when ScanGear, monitor, color management-compliant application (such as Adobe Photoshop), and printer are set up correctly.

    Refer to the corresponding manual for the monitor, printer, and application settings.

Monitor Gamma

By setting the gamma value of a monitor, you can adjust the input data to the brightness characteristics of the monitor. Adjust the value if your monitor's gamma value does not match the default value set in ScanGear, and the colors of the original image are not accurately reflected in the monitor.

Click Defaults to return to the default Monitor Gamma value (2.20).


  • Refer to the manual of your monitor to check its gamma value. If it is not written in the manual, contact the manufacturer.