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Starting Software from Quick Toolbox

In Quick Toolbox, you can start software or open manuals from the Main Screen.

  1. Click (Canon Quick Toolbox) in the notification area on the desktop.

    The Main Screen appears.


    • If the icon is not displayed in the notification area on the desktop, follow the procedure below to start.

      • Windows 8.1/Windows 8:

        Click Quick Toolbox on the Start screen.

        If Quick Toolbox is not displayed on the Start screen, select the Search charm, then search for "Quick Toolbox".

      • Windows 7/Windows Vista/Windows XP:

        From the Start menu, click All Programs > Canon Utilities > Quick Toolbox > Quick Toolbox.

      The icon appears in the notification area on the desktop, and the Main Screen appears.

  2. Select your printer from Printer List.

    figure: Main screen

    Items corresponding to the selected printer appear in Function.


    • When your printer is not displayed in Printer List, click Refresh.
  3. Click the item you want to use.

    figure: Main screen

    The software starts or manual opens.


    • Items displayed in Function and the available functions vary depending on the printer selected in Printer List.