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Printing Text in Page Margins

You can print the print settings information (such as the printer and media type used for printing) and photo information (such as the image file name and shooting date/time) in the margins of the paper. You can also print free text in the header and footer.

In Text Settings on the General Settings tab, select the checkbox(es) of the text you want to print, and then enter text.

  • A: Header
  • B: Footer
  • C: Print settings information
  • D: Photo information


  • The print position of the information varies depending on the paper orientation and layout.
  • The font and font size vary depending on the paper, slot size, and your environment.
  • To print the print information, select the Print footer and Print the print settings info checkboxes.
  • Content to be printed cannot be set.
  • Page numbers cannot be printed.
  • For Text Settings on the General Settings tab, see General Settings Tab (Text Settings).