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Changing the Printer Operation Mode

If necessary, switch between various modes of printer operation.

The procedure for configuring Custom Settings is as follows:

Custom Settings

  1. Open the printer driver setup window

  2. Make sure that the printer is on, and then click Custom Settings on the Maintenance tab

    The Custom Settings dialog box opens.


    • If the printer is off or if communication between the printer and the computer is disabled, an error message may appear because the computer cannot collect the printer status.
      If this happens, click OK to display the most recent settings specified on your computer.
  3. If necessary, complete the following settings:

    Align heads manually
    Usually, the Print Head Alignment function on the Maintenance tab is set to automatic head alignment, but you can change it to manual head alignment.
    If the printing results of automatic print head alignment are not satisfactory, perform manual head alignment.
    Check this check box to perform the manual head alignment. Uncheck this check box to perform the automatic head alignment.
    Rotate 90 degrees left when orientation is [Landscape]
    On the Page Setup tab, you can change the rotation direction of the Landscape in the Orientation.
    To rotate the print data 90 degrees to the left during printing, select this item. To rotate the print data 90 degrees to the right during printing, clear this item.


    • Do not change this setting while the print job is displayed in the print wait list. Otherwise, characters may be omitted or the layout may become corrupt.
    Detect the paper width when printing from computer
    When you print from the computer, this function identifies the paper that was loaded into this printer.
    When the paper width detected by the printer differs from the width of the paper specified in Page Size on the Page Setup tab, a message is displayed.
    To use paper width detection when printing from the computer, select the check box.


    • If you are using user-defined paper, use the Custom Paper Size to correctly set the size of the paper loaded in the printer.
      If an error message is displayed even though the same size that was set is loaded, clear the check box.
    Ink Drying Wait Time
    You can set the length of the printer rest time until printing of the next page begins. Moving the slider to the right increases the pause time, and moving the slider to the left decreases the time.
    If the paper gets stained because the next page is ejected before the ink on the printed page dries, increase the ink drying wait time.
    Reducing the ink drying wait time speeds up printing.
  4. Apply the settings

    Click OK and when the confirmation message appears, click OK.

    The printer operates with the modified settings hereafter.