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Cleaning Inside the Printer

Perform bottom plate cleaning before you execute duplex printing to prevent smudges on the back side of the paper.
Also perform bottom plate cleaning if ink smudges caused by something other than print data appear on the printed page.

The procedure for performing bottom plate cleaning is as follows:

Bottom Plate Cleaning

  1. Open the printer driver setup window

  2. Click Bottom Plate Cleaning on the Maintenance tab

    The Bottom Plate Cleaning dialog box opens.

  3. Set the paper thickness lever to the right, and load paper in the printer

    As instructed in the dialog box, load a sheet of A4 or Letter size plain paper into the rear tray.
    Prepare a second sheet of A4 or Letter size plain paper, fold it in half horizontally, and then unfold it.
    Load the second sheet in front of the first sheet so that it is oriented vertically with the crest of the crease facing down.

  4. Perform the bottom plate cleaning

    Make sure that the printer is on and then click Execute.
    Bottom plate cleaning starts.