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Setting a Page Size and Orientation

The paper size and orientation are essentially determined by the application software. When the page size and orientation set for Page Size and Orientation on the Page Setup tab are same as those set with the application software, you do not need to select them on the Page Setup tab.

When you are not able to specify them with the application software, the procedure for selecting a page size and orientation is as follows:

  1. Open the printer driver setup window

  2. Select the paper size

    Select a page size from the Page Size list on the Page Setup tab.

    figure:Page Size on the Page Setup tab
  3. Set Orientation

    Select Portrait or Landscape for Orientation. Check Rotate Page 90 degrees check box when you want to perform printing with the original being rotated 90 degrees.

  4. Complete the setup

    Click OK.
    When you execute print, the document will be printed with the selected page size and the orientation.