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Reflect Roll Unit Settings in the Printer Driver

Reflect printer unit's Roll Unit settings in the printer driver.

If the printer unit settings are reflected in the printer driver, the paper that can be set in the printer driver settings will change to a status suitable to the printer unit status.

The following explains the procedure to reflect Roll Unit settings in the printer driver.

  1. Display the Devices and Printers window

    • Select the Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound (Hardware) -> Devices and Printers.
      The Devices and Printers window is displayed.
  2. Display setup window

    Right-click the "Your model name" icon, and select Printer properties.
    The printer's Properties window appears.

  3. Click the Device Settings tab's Device Information

    Click Acquire Status in the displayed Device Information dialog box, and then click Yes.
    Printer unit settings will be reflected in the printer driver.


  • In the event the lower roll unit is not set or the roll unit is being used as a wrapping device, the value of Roll Unit will be set to No. In this case, Automatically switch paper sources (paper size priority) will be grayed out and cannot be selected. Also, the Paper Source items that can be selected in the Page Setup tab will change.