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Tiling/Poster Printing

The tiling/poster printing function allows you to enlarge image data, divide it into several pages, and print these pages on separate sheets of paper. You can also paste the pages together to create a large print like a poster.

Setting Tiling/Poster Printing

  1. Open the printer driver setup window

  2. Set tiling/poster printing

    Select Tiling/Poster from the Page Layout list on the Page Setup tab.
    The current settings are displayed in the settings preview on the left side of the printer driver.

    figure:Select Tiling/Poster for Page Layout on the Page Setup tab
  3. Select the print paper size

    Select the size of the paper loaded in the printer from the Printer Paper Size list.

  4. Set the number of image divisions and the pages to be printed

    If necessary, click Specify..., specify the following settings in the Tiling/Poster Printing dialog box, and then click OK.

    figure:Tiling/Poster Printing dialog box
    Image Divisions
    Select the number of divisions (vertical x horizontal).
    As the number of divisions increases, the number of sheets used for printing increases. If you are pasting pages together to create a poster, increasing the number of divisions allows you to create a larger poster.
    Print "Cut/Paste" in margins
    To leave out words "Cut" and "Paste", uncheck this check box.


    • Depending on the environment of the printer driver you are using, this function may not be available.
    Print "Cut/Paste" lines in margins
    To leave out cut lines, uncheck this check box.
    Print page range
    Specifies the printing range. Select All under normal circumstances.
    To reprint only a specific page, select Pages and enter the page number you want to print. To specify multiple pages, enter the page numbers by separating them with commas or by entering a hyphen between the page numbers.


    • You can also specify the print range by clicking the pages in the settings preview.
  5. Complete the setup

    Click OK on the Page Setup tab.
    When you perform print, the document will be divided into several pages during printing.

Printing Only Specific Pages

If ink becomes faint or runs out during printing, you can reprint only the specific pages by following the procedure below:

  1. Set the print range

    In the settings preview on the left of the Page Setup tab, click the pages that do not need to be printed.
    The pages that were clicked are deleted, and only the pages to be printed are displayed.

    figure:Settings preview displayed on the Page Setup tab


    • Click the deleted pages to display them again.
    • Right-click the settings preview to select Print all pages or Delete all pages.
  2. Complete the setup

    After completing the page selection, click OK.
    When you perform print, only specified pages will be printed.


  • Since tiling/poster printing enlarges the document when printing it, the print results may become coarse.