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Setting Up a Shared Printer

On the print server, set up sharing of the printer driver. Then from the client, set up the connection to the print server.

  1. Install the printer driver on the print server system

  2. Display the Devices and Printers window

    Select the Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound (Hardware) -> Devices and Printers.
    The Devices and Printers window is displayed.

  3. Click the icon for the model name of printer to be shared

    Press the Alt key, and from the displayed File menu, select Printer properties -> Sharing tab.


    • When starting up the software and performing install or uninstall, a confirmation or warning dialog box may appear.
      This dialog box appears when administrative rights are required to perform a task.
      When you are logged on to an administrator account, click Yes (or Continue, Allow) to continue.
      Some applications require an administrator account to continue. In such cases, switch to an administrator account, and restart the operation from the beginning.
  4. Set sharing

    On the Sharing tab, check (or select) Share this printer, set the shared name as necessary, and then click OK.

  5. If the print server and the client have different architectures (32 bit or 64 bit), install an additional driver

    1. Display the Devices and Printers, Printers, or Printers and Faxes window.

    2. Select the printer icon, click Print server properties, and select the Drivers tab.

    3. Click Add....

    4. When the Add Printer Driver Wizard window is displayed, click Next.

    5. If the print server has a 32-bit architecture, select x64. If the print server has a 64-bit architecture, select x86. Then click Next.

    6. Click Have Disk....

    7. In the Install From Disk window, open the "Driver" folder of the downloaded printer driver, specify the "inf" file, and click OK.


      • If the printer server is 32-bit, specify it as "xxxxxxx3.INF". If it is 64-bit, specify it as "xxxxxxx6.INF".
    8. Select the printer to be used, and click Next.


      • If an error message is displayed, select the other printer.
    9. Click Finish

    The setup on the print server system is complete. Next, set up the client systems.

  6. On the client, open Explorer, and double-click the icon of the printer to be shared

  7. Follow the window instructions, and install the printer driver

    The setup on the client system is complete.
    Even when you perform the setup on a different client, follow the same steps 6 and 7.