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Interpreting the ICC Profile

When you need to specify an ICC profile for this printer, specify the ICC profile of the print output media.

The ICC profiles installed for this printer appear as follows.

  • (1) is the model name of the printer.
  • (2) is the print quality.
    The print quality is divided into 5 levels, ranging from high speed to high quality. As the number decreases, the print quality becomes higher. This value corresponds to the Quality slide bar in the Custom dialog box of the printer driver.
  • (3) is the media type. This media name corresponds to the following media type:
    Photo Paper Plus Glossy&Gold: Photo Paper Plus Glossy II
    Photo Paper Pro Platinum: Photo Paper Pro Platinum
    Photo Paper Pro Luster: Photo Paper Pro Luster
    Photo Paper Plus Semi-Gloss: Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss
    Matte Photo Paper: Matte Photo Paper
    Other Glossy Paper: Other Glossy Paper (Wide Margins) and Other Glossy Paper
    Fine Art Museum Etching: Fine Art Paper "Museum Etching"
    Other Fine Art Paper 1: Other Fine Art Paper 1
    Other Fine Art Paper 2: Other Fine Art Paper 2 and Canvas