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Adjusting Brightness

You can brighten or darken the colors of the overall image data during printing.
The following sample shows the case when light colors are darkened when the image data is printed.

figure:No adjustment
figure:Darken light colors

No adjustment

Darken light colors

The procedure for adjusting brightness is as follows:

You can also set brightness on the Quick Setup tab by choosing Color/Intensity Manual Adjustment under Additional Features.

  1. Open the printer driver setup window

  2. Select the manual color adjustment

    On the Main tab, select Manual for Color/Intensity, and click Set....

    figure:Select Manual for Color/Intensity on the Main tab

    The Manual Color Adjustment dialog box opens.

  3. Adjust brightness

    Moving the Brightness slider to the right brightens (dilutes) the colors, and moving the slider to the left darkens (intensifies) the colors.
    You can also directly enter a value linked to the slider. Enter a value in the range from -50 to 50. The current settings are displayed in the settings preview on the left side of the printer driver.

    figure:Brightness in the Manual Color Adjustment dialog box
  4. Complete the setup

    Click OK on the Main tab.
    When you execute print, the data is printed at the adjusted brightness.