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Deleting the Undesired Print Job

If you are using the XPS printer driver, replace "Canon IJ Status Monitor" with "Canon IJ XPS Status Monitor" when reading this information.

If the printer does not start printing, canceled or failed print job data may be remaining.
Delete the undesired print job by using the Canon IJ Status Monitor.

  1. Display the Canon IJ Status Monitor

    Click the icon of the Canon IJ Status Monitor displayed on the task bar.
    The Canon IJ Status Monitor appears.

  2. Display the print jobs

    Click Display Print Queue.
    The print queue window opens.

  3. Delete the print jobs

    Select Cancel All Documents from the Printer menu.
    When the confirmation message appears, click Yes.

    The deletion of the print job is complete.


  • Users who have not been granted access permission for printer management cannot delete the print job of another user.


  • When you perform this operation, all print jobs are deleted. If the print queue list contained a necessary print job, start the printing process over from the beginning.