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Printing with Easy Setup

This section describes the simple procedure for setting the Quick Setup tab so that you can carry out appropriate printing on this printer.

  1. Check that the printer is turned on

  2. Load paper on the printer

  3. Open the printer driver setup window

  4. Select a frequently used profile

    In Commonly Used Settings on the Quick Setup tab, select a printing profile suited for the purpose.
    When you select a printing profile, the Additional Features, Media Type, and Printer Paper Size settings are automatically switched to the values that were preset.

    figure:Commonly Used Settings on the Quick Setup tab
  5. Select the print quality

    For Print Quality, select High, Standard, or Draft according to your purpose.

    figure:Print Quality on the Quick Setup tab


    • The print quality settings that can be selected may differ depending on a printing profile.
  6. Check the paper source

    Check that Paper Source is set to Cassette.

    figure:Paper Source on the Quick Setup tab


    • The paper size determines whether the cassette 1 or cassette 2 is used. The cassette to be used is displayed below Paper Source.
  7. Complete the setup

    Click OK.
    When you execute print, the document is printed with settings that match your purpose.

    figure:OK on the Quick Setup tab


  • When you select the Always Print with Current Settings check box, all settings specified on the Quick Setup, Main, and Page Setup tabs are saved, and you can print with the same settings from the next time as well.
  • In the Commonly Used Settings window, click Save... to register the specified settings.