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Printing a Nozzle Check Pattern

The nozzle check function allows you to check whether the print head is working properly by printing a nozzle check pattern. Print the pattern if printing becomes faint, or if a specific color fails to print.

Nozzle Check

  1. Open Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool

  2. Click Nozzle Check

    The Nozzle Check dialog box opens.
    Click Initial Check Items to display the items that you need to check before printing the nozzle check pattern.

  3. Load paper in the printer

    Load one sheet of A4 size or Letter size plain paper into the rear tray.

  4. Print a nozzle check pattern

    Make sure that the printer is on and click Print Check Pattern.
    Printing of the nozzle check pattern begins.

    Click OK when the confirmation message appears.
    The Pattern Check dialog box opens.

  5. Check the print result

    Check the print result. If the print result is normal, click Exit.

    If the print result is smudged or if there are any unprinted sections, click Cleaning to clean the print head.

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