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Scaled Printing

The procedure for printing a document with pages enlarged or reduced is as follows:

Printing by Enlarging/Reducing Document to Specified Ratio

Set magnification rate.
  1. Select the printer

    In the Page Setup Dialog, select your model name from the Format For list.

    figure:Format For of Page Attributes in the Page Setup dialog
  2. Set scaled printing

    Specify the scaling factor in the Scale box, and click OK.


    • Depending on the Scale value that you set, an error message may be displayed.
  3. Complete the setup

    On the Print Dialog, click Print.
    When you execute print, the document will be printed with the specified scale.


  • When the application software which you used to create the original has the scaled printing function, configure the settings on your application software. You do not need to configure the same setting in the Page Setup dialog.

Printing by Enlarging/Reducing Document to Match Roll Paper Width

Matches the width of the roll paper
  1. Select Page Processing from the pop-up menu of the Print Dialog

  2. Setting Enlarged/Reduced Printing

    For Fit Roll Paper Width, select On (Bordered) or On (Borderless).


    • Depending on the Paper Size settings, the settings you can choose will differ.
    • When selecting "XXX oversize" from Paper Size, On (Borderless) cannot be selected.
  3. Complete the setup

    Click Print.
    When you print, the document is expanded or reduced to match the roll paper width and then printed.