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Printing Multiple Pages All on One Page

The page layout printing function allows you to print more than one page image on a single sheet of paper.

The procedure for performing page layout printing is as follows:

  1. Select Layout from the pop-up menu in the Print Dialog

    figure:Layout in the Print dialog
  2. Set the number of original you print on one page

    In Pages per Sheet, specify the number of page you print on one page.

  3. If necessary, set the following items

    Layout Direction
    To change the page placement order, select an icon from the list.
    To print a page border around each document page, select a type of page border.
    Reverse page orientation
    Select this check box to change the paper orientation.
    Flip horizontally
    Select this check box to reverse left and right of the document.
  4. Complete the setup

    Click Print.
    When you execute print, the specified number of pages will be arranged on each sheet of paper in the specified order.