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Instructions for Use (Printer Driver)

This printer driver is subject to the following restrictions. Keep the following points in mind when using the printer driver.

Restrictions on the Printer Driver

  • When you set up the Page Setup dialog, be sure to begin by selecting the model you are using from the Format For list. If you select another printer, printing may not be performed properly.
  • The following functions cannot be used in macOS, though they can be used in Windows computers.
    • Poster Printing
    • Stamp Printing
    • Preview Before Printing
  • Depending on the macOS version or the application you are using, the print dialog screen display may differ.
    Also, some features may be restricted.
  • If you connect this printer and AirPort with a USB cable and print, you must install the latest AirPort firmware.

Notes on Adding a Printer

  • If you will be installing the Canon printer driver on a macOS and using the printer through a network connection, select the printer name that contains Bonjour in the Add (Add Printer) dialog.
  • If several options are displayed under Use in the Add (Add Printer) dialog, choose Canon XXX (where "XXX" is your model name) in order to maximize your ability to control settings during printing.