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Updating Media Information in Printer Driver

This function gets the latest media information from the printer and updates the media information in the printer driver.

When the media information is updated, the media displayed for Media Type on the Quality & Media screen is updated to the latest information.

The procedure for updating media information is described below.

Update Media Information

  1. From the Canon IJ Printer Utility2 pop-up menu, select Media Information

  2. Click Update Media Information

    A dialog appears.

  3. Check that the media information has updated

    By following the dialog instructions, check that the printer is on, and then click OK.
    After checking whether or not the printer media information needs to be updated, a message will be displayed.
    If the printer media information is up to date, click OK and finish updating media information.
    If the information needs to be updated, follow the below steps to do so:

  4. Update media information

    Check the message and click Update.
    The printer driver media information will update.
    When the authentication screen appears, enter the administrator's name and password, and then click Install Helper.


    • It may take some time to update the media information.
    • Do not change media information on the printer while you are updating media information on the driver.
  5. Finish updating media information

    When a confirmation message appears, click OK.
    The media information will be updated.


    • Restart the application or software you are printing from after updating media information.


  • Ensure that a user with administrator privileges carries out the media information update.
    Users other than administrators can check if a media information update is required, but cannot carry out the update itself.
  • When you have added, deleted, or edited media using administrative tools (the Media Configuration Tool) but have not updated the media information, issues may arise such as the inability to print.


  • If the printer is being shared, Correct Media Information will display on the client machine.