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Printing a Nozzle Check Pattern

The Nozzle Check function allows you to check whether the print head is working properly by printing a Nozzle Check pattern. Print the pattern if printing becomes faint, or if a specific color fails to print.

Nozzle Check

  1. Select Utilities from Remote UI

  2. Click Nozzle Check

    The confirmation message appears.
    Before printing the Nozzle Check pattern, check the following items:

    Check whether the printer is on and open the printer's cover.
    Check the following items for each ink. Then, if necessary, perform Nozzle Check.

    • Is there ink remaining in the tank?
    • Did you push in the ink tank completely until you heard a clicking sound?
    • If the orange tape is there, has it been peeled off completely?
      Any remaining tape will hinder ink output.
    • Did you install the ink tanks in their correct positions?
  3. Load paper in the printer

    Load one sheet of A4 size plain paper into the top feed.

  4. Print a Nozzle Check pattern

    Click Yes.
    Printing of the Nozzle Check pattern begins.

  5. Check the print result

    When the dialog opens, check the print result. If the print result is normal, click All A.

    If the print result is smudged or if there are any unprinted sections, click Also B to clean the print head.

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