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Installing the Printer Driver

You can access our web site through the Internet and download the latest printer driver for your model.

This section explains the procedure for installing the downloaded printer driver.

  1. Mount disk

    Double-click the disk image file that you downloaded.
    The file unzips, and the disk is mounted.

  2. Start Installer

    In the unzipped disk, double-click "PrinterDriver_XXX_YYY.pkg" ("XXX" is the model and "YYY" is the version).

  3. Open Installer

    Install the printer driver by following the screen messages.

    When the usage agreement screen appears, read the contents, and then click Continue. Unless you agree to the conditions of the usage agreement, you will not be able to install this software.

  4. Select installation destination

    If necessary, change the installation destination, and click Continue.

  5. Continue installation

    Click Install.
    When the authentication screen is displayed, enter the name and password of the administrator, and then click Install Software.

  6. Finish installation

    Follow the installation completion message, and click Close.

This completes the installation of the printer driver.


  • If the Installer does not operate normally, from the Installer menu of Finder, select Quit Installer. After the Installer ends, repeat the installation procedure.
  • The printer driver is available free of charge. Internet connection fees apply.