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Adding Printer

This section describes the procedure for adding a printer to your Mac.

To re-add a printer that was deleted, open System Preferences -> Printers & Scanners, click + next to the printer list, and then perform the procedure described below.

If your printer is connected via USB, and you connect the USB cable to a Mac, the printer is automatically added. The below procedure is not necessary in this case.

  1. Check whether Default is selected in the displayed dialog


    • It may take a little time for your printer to appear.
  2. Select the printer

    Select the printer listed as Bonjour.


    • Check the following if printer does not appear.
      • Printer is on
      • Firewall function of the security software is off
      • In case of Wi-Fi connection: Printer is either connected to the wireless router or directly connected to the PC (Direct Connection)
      • In case of wired LAN connection: Printer is connected to the network device via LAN cable
  3. Select your printer or Secure AirPrint from Use

  4. Click Add

    The printer is added to your Mac.