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Other Settings Dialog

Specify the settings related to preview and set the monitor's color matching.

To display the Other Settings dialog, select Other Settings... from the File menu.

figure: Other Settings dialog
Display printable area
Select this checkbox to display the printable area in the preview area.
Display images in high definition

Select this checkbox to display images in high quality at higher resolutions when started from Digital Photo Professional.


  • When this checkbox is selected, it may take time for the preview to appear depending on your environment.
Reflect the color adjustment result in preview

Select this checkbox to reflect the result of the color tone adjustment in the preview area.

Deselect the checkbox if you want the color tone before adjustment to be displayed in preview instead of reflecting the adjustment result.

Display Color Matching

Allows you to set the monitor profile for each application.

Select one of the following profiles according to your monitor.

  • Use System Setting
  • AdobeRGB
  • sRGB
  • Monitor Profile
  • Auto


  • Auto can be selected for Digital Photo Professional only. Select Auto to set the profile automatically according to the settings of Digital Photo Professional.
  • Select Monitor Profile and click Browse... to display the Open window. Select the profile to be used.
Apply Display Color Matching to

Select where to apply the monitor profile.

Preview images only
Applies the monitor profile to the images displayed in preview only.
Preview images and thumbnails
Applies the monitor profile to the images displayed in preview and the Thumbnails area.
Restores the settings to the default state.