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Entering Text into Photos

You can superimpose and print copyright information on the image; when printing in a bordered layout or when printing an index, you can print text, the page numbers, the print information and the photo information in the margins.

Select a layout in Layout, then, in Text Settings, select the checkboxes of the text items you want to print, and enter text.

  • (1) Header
  • (2) Footer
  • (3) Page Number
  • (4) Copyright Information
  • (5) Photo Information


  • Print header, Print footer, Print page number and Print photo information can be set only when a bordered layout or index is selected.
  • When you want to print the print information, select the Print footer checkbox and Print the print settings info. checkbox.
  • You can set text input details such as font and font size. See "Text Settings Dialog" for details.