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If WEP Details Screen Appears

Enter the password (WEP key) according to wireless router's encryption method if you change a wireless router to connect to the printer.

  1. Enter items below when WEP Details screen appears.

    figure: WEP Details screen
    A: WEP Key:

    Enter the same key as the one set to the wireless router.

    The number of characters and character type that can be entered differ depending on the combination of the key length and key format.

    Key Length:



    Key Format:


    5 characters

    13 characters

    Hexadecimal (Hex)

    10 digits

    26 digits

    B: Key Length:
    Select either 64bit or 128bit.
    C: Key Format:
    Select either ASCII or Hex.
    D: Key ID:
    Select the Key ID (index) set to the wireless router.
  2. Click Set.


    • If the printer cannot communicate with the computer after the encryption type of the printer was switched, make sure encryption types for the computer and the wireless router match that set to the printer.