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Registering Favorite Levels

When you register favorite levels to images, those with higher favorite levels are more likely to be laid out automatically in recommended items.


  • Favorite levels can only be registered to images saved in folders subject to image analysis. Refer to "Image Analysis Settings Tab" for how to set folders that are subject to image analysis.

    Even if a favorite level is set, the image may not be placed with priority in the item depending on the image analysis result.

  1. Right-click the thumbnail of the image to which you want to register a favorite level, then select Favorite Level.

    figure: Folder view


    • Select multiple images and right-click to specify the same favorite level to them at once.
    • When a person is selected in the People view or when a date is selected in the Calendar view set to Month View, you can specify the same favorite level to all images registered to the selected person or date.
  2. Register the favorite level.

    Specify the number of (Stars) according to the favorite level of the image.

    The favorite level can be specified in six levels. The more stars, the higher the favorite level becomes.


    • You can also register the favorite level by selecting an image then selecting Favorite Level from the Image menu.


  • When the file name of an image is changed or an image is moved, the registered favorite level may be lost.
  • Even if you copy images with favorite levels set, the set favorite levels will not be retained.