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Printing Disc Labels (CD/DVD/BD)

Create and print personalized disc labels (CD/DVD/BD) from your favorite photos.


  • This function is available on supported models only.


  • Do not set the disc tray until a message prompting you to load a printable disc appears. Loading a printable disc while the printer is in operation may damage the printer.
  • To set or remove the disc tray, see the "Placing a Printable Disc" page by searching for it from the top page of the Online Manual for your model.
  1. Start My Image Garden.

  2. From Guide Menu screen, click Disc Label.

    figure: Guide Menu screen

    The Set Design and Paper dialog appears.

  3. Specify settings such as design and Paper Size, and then click OK.

    figure: Set Design and Paper dialog

    The disc label (CD/DVD/BD) appears in the Item edit screen.


    • The layout may not be as expected depending on the photo information or analysis results of the selected images.
  4. From Add Image, select image(s) you want to use for disc label (CD/DVD/BD).

    The image(s) appear in the Materials area.

  5. Drag image from Materials area, and drop it to desired layout frame.

    When you move an image to a layout frame, a cross icon appears on the image.

    figure: Item edit screen
  6. Edit item according to preference.

    figure: Item edit screen


    • The print area can be set in the Advanced Settings dialog displayed by clicking Advanced... at the bottom of the screen. If Advanced... is not displayed, click (Right Scroll).
    • In cases such as when Identifying people appears at Unregistered People in Global Menu on the left side of the screen, the result may not be as expected since automatic placement does not apply to images for which analysis has not been completed.
    • To swap automatically placed images, see Inserting Images.
  7. Click Print at bottom right of screen.

    The Print Settings dialog appears.

  8. Specify number of copies to print, printer and paper to use, and other settings.

    figure: Print Settings dialog


  9. Click Print.

    A message appears.

  10. Click OK.

    The Print dialog appears.


    • If you change the printer in the Print dialog, a message appears and printing will be canceled.
  11. Click Print.

    When a message appears, set the disc tray.

    figure: Message


    • The displayed screen varies depending on your model.

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