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Saving Digital Camera Images to a Folder Subject to Image Analysis

You can utilize the following functions when the folder in which to save images imported from digital cameras and SD cards are registered as a folder subject to image analysis for My Image Garden.

In My Image Garden, the Pictures folder is the default folder subject to image analysis; therefore, it is recommended that you specify the Pictures folder as the folder in which to save images.


  1. Connect a digital camera or SD card to your computer.

    Image Capture starts.


    • If Image Capture does not start, from the Go menu of Finder, select Applications, then double-click the Image Capture icon.
  2. Select Image Capture for Connecting this camera opens.

  3. Specify the Pictures folder for Import To.

    When specifying a folder other than Pictures, change the folder subject to image analysis for My Image Garden according to Import To. Refer to the following for details on the setting procedure.


    • Perform Steps 2 and 3 for each digital camera and SD card to be used.
  4. Select images and click Import, or click Import All.

    The images are saved to the specified folder.