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Printing Recommended Items and Images Displayed in Slide Shows

You can print recommended items and images displayed as slide shows in Image Display on the desktop with simple steps.


  • To use Image Display, you need to install Quick Menu. You can download Quick Menu from the Canon website.

    Internet connection is required to download the software. Internet connection fees apply.


  • When you register information of people/events to photos, recommended items will appear as slide shows in Image Display. Refer to "Utilizing the Item Recommendation Function" for details.
  • Refer to "Quick Menu Guide" for your model from Home of the Online Manual for how to operate slide shows displayed in Image Display.
figure: Image Display of Quick Menu
  • (1) Image Display
  • (2) Quick Menu
  1. Click an item or image displayed in Image Display.

    My Image Garden starts. When an item is clicked, it appears in the Item edit screen. When an image is clicked, the Calendar view appears in Day View.

  2. Click Print.

    figure: Item edit screen

    The Print Settings dialog appears.

  3. Set the number of copies to print, the printer and paper to use, etc.

    figure: Print settings dialog


  4. Click Print.

    A message appears.

  5. Click OK.

    The Print dialog appears.


    • If you change the printer in the Print dialog, a message appears and printing will be canceled.
  6. Click Print.