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What You Can Do with My Image Garden

My Image Garden is an application that allows you to utilize photos taken with digital cameras and other images saved on your computer, in many ways for various purposes.

Leave Item Creation to My Image Garden

My Image Garden employs a technology called "Image Assorting Technology" that provides the following functions.

  • The image analysis function that groups images by person by detecting face areas in photos, and also registers images and videos to a calendar automatically by detecting information such as the shooting date and time
  • The item recommendation function that automatically recommends items in which analyzed images are suitably laid out

You can easily print various items such as collages and cards by utilizing this technology.

Organize Photos Easily

Images analyzed in My Image Garden appear in the Unregistered People view or People view by person, and also appear in the Calendar view based on the shooting date and time. By registering people's profiles and event information, you can easily organize a vast number of images, or quickly search for images you want to see.

Print Photos and Documents Easily

You can print your favorite photos easily after checking them in preview. You can also print documents saved as PDF files.

Print Personalized Items

You can combine your favorite photos with preset designs to create and print personalized items such as collages and cards.

Print Disc Labels (CD/DVD/BD)

You can create personalized disc labels (CD/DVD/BD) using your favorite photos and print them.

Capture and Print Still Images from Videos

You can capture your favorite scenes from videos and print them as still images.

Scan Photos and Documents Easily

You can scan photos and documents easily by automatically detecting the item type.

Correct/Enhance Photos

You can correct red eyes or adjust the brightness and contrast of images.