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General Notes (My Image Garden)

My Image Garden is subject to the following restrictions. Keep these points in mind.

  • Refer to the Canon website for products supporting My Image Garden.
  • Available functions and settings vary depending on your scanner or printer.
  • In this guide, descriptions are mainly based on the screens displayed when using Mac OS X v10.9.
  • The designs of PREMIUM Contents provided in this guide are subject to change without prior notice.

Item Recommendation Function Restriction

  • To use the item recommendation function, you need to install Quick Menu. You can download Quick Menu from the Canon website.

Restrictions on Displaying Images

  • To display images in the Calendar view, Unregistered People view or People view, or to use the item recommendation function, the folders in which the images are saved need to be subject to image analysis.
  • Folders subject to image analysis can be set in the screen that appears when starting My Image Garden for the first time or in the Preferences dialog. The Pictures folder is selected by default. Refer to "Image Analysis Settings Tab" to change the folders that are subject to image analysis.

Restrictions on Printing

  • Printing on disc labels (CD/DVD/BD), paper larger than A4, business card size paper, or sticker sheets is available with supported models only.
  • You cannot print your items if a printer driver that supports My Image Garden is not installed on your computer.
  • Borderless printing is available with supported models only.
  • In bordered printing, the margins may be uneven as shown below, depending on your model.

Restrictions on Scanning

  • You cannot scan items if a scanner driver supporting My Image Garden is not installed on your computer.
  • You cannot scan items whose image size will be larger than 10208 pixels x 14032 pixels (equivalent to a platen-size item scanned at 1200 dpi resolution) when scanned.

Refer to "General Notes (Scanner Driver)" for your model from Home of the Online Manual for restrictions on scanning using ScanGear (scanner driver).