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Registering Various Information to Photos

The more people's profiles and event information you register, the more items suitable for the people and events will appear as slide shows in Image Display.

In addition, registering information will make it easier to find the target photos when you search for them, or to create and print the items you like.

Registering People and Profiles

Registering Event Information

Registering Favorite Levels

Registering People and Profiles

This will make it easier to organize or browse photos by person. You can register images that are automatically identified as those of the same person, at once, or register by specifying the face area in images one by one.

Registering People

In addition, after registering a person in the Unregistered People view, you can register the person's profile (birthday, relationship with you, etc.) to the person.

When the birthday is registered, the person's growth record of the previous age (from the day after the birthday to the next birthday) will appear automatically.

In addition, when the relationship with you is registered, the person will be placed with priority in items. For example, when Daughter is set for the relationship, items with layouts focusing on Daughter will appear.

When the relationship is not registered

When the relationship is registered

The daughter may appear smaller, or the layout may focus on a friend.

The layout focuses on the daughter.

Moreover, if the parent-child relationship is registered, items that enrich family memories will also appear.

Registering People's Profiles

Registering Event Information

This will make it easier to organize or browse photos displayed in the Calendar view by event. You can easily register events while checking the images displayed in a calendar. When event information is registered, various items in which images shot during the event period are used will appear according to the category.

Registering Events

Items Displayed by Category


Items Displayed


Growth record

Unisex collages, cards, calendars, etc. of growth records

Entrance ceremony, Graduation, Recital, Sports day, Birthday, Others

Unisex collages, cards, calendars, etc. specific for each event



Photo studio-like collages, marriage cards, calendars, etc. of weddings

Birthday, Others

Collages, cards, calendars, etc. specific for each event


Travel, Others

Collages, cards, calendars, etc. of memories with your family/grandparents/friends



Favorite item collages, cards, calendars, etc.

Registering Favorite Levels

Images that will be automatically laid out in items are placed in the following order of priority.

  1. In descending order of stars of images for which favorite levels are set

  2. In descending order of print count

  3. In descending order of access count

  4. In descending order of shooting date

To make your favorite photos more likely to be placed, it is recommended that you register favorite levels to the images. You can register favorite levels on a photo-by-photo basis, or to multiple photos at once.

Registering Favorite Levels

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