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Correcting Still Images Captured from Videos

You can reduce noise or roughness in still images captured from videos.

  • When a frame in which the subject or camera has moved significantly is captured, the still image may not be corrected properly.

  1. Select the still image(s) you want to correct in the Captured Images area of the Video Frame Capture view.

  2. Click Correct.

    figure: Video Frame Capture view

    The view switches to Correct, and the image appears in the Preview area.

  3. Select the image you want to correct from the Selected Images area.

    figure: Correct view
    • You can also select and correct multiple images.

  4. Click Noise Reduction or Enhance Resolution according to purpose.

    figure: Correct view

    The image is corrected, and the (Correction) mark appears on the upper right of the image.

    • Click Undo to undo the correction.

  5. Click Close.

    The Video Frame Capture view reappears.

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