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Select the Perfect Paper Type

An item's appearance and mood will vary depending on the type of paper to print on.

Select the ideal paper for the best possible results.

  • <Glossy paper/semi-glossy paper>
    Adds vividness to your item.
    (Recommended for portraits and landscapes)
  • <Fine art paper>
    The paper tint and texture help create attractive natural prints.
    (Recommended for artworks)
  • <Washi (Japanese paper)>
    The unique materials and traditional production process will give your prints a distinctive style.
    (Recommended for Japanese-style paintings)
  • <Baryta photo paper>
    Features a unique gloss to emulate the feel of silver halide photographs.
    (Recommended for landscape photos)
  • <Canvas paper>
    A cloth based paper for reproducing the textured finish of paintings on canvas.
    (Recommended for oil paintings)

Items Required (Materials, Tools)

  • Professional Print & Layout application
  • Inkjet paper of the desired type

    Manufactured by Canon, Hahnemuhle (*), Canson (*), ILFORD (*), Legion (Moab) (*), INKPRESS (*), Awagami Factory (*), etc.

    *Proper operation of the printer is not guaranteed the when using paper sold by these manufacturers.


  1. STEP

    Start Professional Print & Layout.

    Download Professional Print & Layout

  2. STEP

    Select paper.

  3. STEP


    • figure: Professional Print & Layout screen


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